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Racehorse training facilities at Kimpton Down

3 all-weather gallops

1) Synthetic Gallop. When the yard was completed in 2003 Toby Balding and Jonathan Geake put in a 3 furlong oval with a 2 furlong uphill spur, close to the yard. We use this gallop mostly for warming up and for the two-year-olds when they start fast work.

2) Hedge Gallop. This had been a synthetic gallop in the early 90’s. However there had been a drainage problem so it was taken up. When we moved we redid the drainage and relaid it with a woodchip surface. It is 5 furlongs, and rises gradually. The vast majority of our everyday work is done on it.

3) In 2011 we connected the original Long Woodchip that was laid down in the 1970s with the Hedge Gallop, enabling the horses to canter/work a full 8 furlongs and eliminating the sharp right hand bend that had to be negotiated previously.

Grass Gallops

There are 35 acres of downland grass, that have been gallops for over 100 years. Since our arrival at Kimpton we have done a lot of work rejuvenating the turf, and use them as much as possible, but for fast work only. There is Spring and Autumn ground beneath Kimpton Wood, and chalk-based turf for the Summer on the higher ground.

We have found it difficult in recent years - because of changing weather patterns - to use the grass gallops through the entirety of the flat season. So in November 2020 we installed a watering system for one 20 metre wide, 5 furlong long section of grass gallop.

In December 2013, we installed a treadmill. This enables horses to remain in full work without being ridden. It is also excellent for rehabilitating horses that are returning from injury. We also have 30 acres of turnout paddocks which are used all year round thanks to the chalk base.